Sunday, January 30, 2011

New semester anyone? New semester resolutions anyone?

The school year is half-over; hard to believe!
In my high school, we just finished final exams for the first semester And now after all of the final evaluations are completed, it's time to start new classes and in many cases this gives students a chance to re-focus!
We usually make New Year resolutions on Dec. 31st but maybe the best time to do this is right now.
My "new semester" resolution is to be an energetic lead learner as the principal and I want to get into many classrooms and talk to students and teachers about what they are learning in their classrooms. I don't need to go to the gym or change my eating habits and because of that this has the potential to be a resolution that I can actually stick to.
Regardless of the Many sources of noise around me, my goal is to lead and engage the students and adults in my school to be the best learners they can be so we can all make the school a better place of learning.
I wish all the students and my staff an excellent second semester!

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