Monday, February 14, 2011

Sometimes you need to take your foot off the gas . . .

The semester is into its 3rd week, the Open House for incoming Grade 8 students is in the past, our current students are selecting courses for next year, and amid all that hype, there is a break coming!
This is a break for all of the learners in my school - the students and the adults!
A break can be just what we all need to be able to regain our energy and refine the focus on learning for the next several weeks!
The break also means a change in weather (hopefully) if you are traveling to a warmer climate, or if you are just staying at home and turning up the fireplace.
All good learning takes time and requires a lot from us, but it also demands that we slow down sometimes and take our feet off the gas!
To all who call Evan Hardy their "place of learning", I wish you all a well-deserved break!  Come back, but come back refreshed and ready to fly!

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