Thursday, February 21, 2013

Don't Have Time to Reflect? Huh?

So I am taking this online free "course" under the leadership of Alec Couros, and it is called a etMOOC, which stands for educational technology Massive Open Online Course. I am learning a great deal about edtech and its uses and one of the topics that came up early in the course was blogging! I had started a blog a couple of years ago but like many things, my attention is there for a bit and then something new and shiny comes along and takes my attention away!
I had read a blog entry from George Couros where he talked about the power of reflecting through his blog and it got me thinking again! Most of the reflecting I do is in my head and it might be better to reflect a little more publicly!
I tell my staff continually that I am transparent and do not have a hidden agenda so I guess I need to push the transparency to the blog as well.
My goal is to have at least weekly entries and it may even be more often.
The etMOOC was the inspiration to get my reflective practitioner hat back on and for that I am grateful!
Today was my first day back to school after a few days off and it feels good to connect with teachers again and get back to the work!
I encouraged my staff to take some time this morning to do something innovative; a sort of "FedEx" time that they can work on whatever they want but they needed to share about it on a today's meet site that I set up for them. We had done this in the first semester and it was interesting to read about the cool things my staff were doing wen I trusted them with their time and gave them minimal parameters! Interesting - I wonder if it would work with our students. I will write more about that later!

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